Altar at Lent

Welcome to our New Pastor Fr. Eric Rodrigues


Following several years of university studies in science and after working in the pharmaceutical industry, Fr. Eric entered the priestly formation program at St. Augustine’s Seminary and was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Toronto in 2009. After five years of pastoral ministry, he was sent to Rome for graduate studies in systematic theology. He obtained a licentiate in theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University, and is currently completing his doctoral dissertation. He joined the formation faculty at St. Augustine’s Seminary in 2019, and served as the Vice Rector and Director of Liturgy. Fr. Rodrigues also serves as a sessional lecturer in systematic theology.


Dear Parishioners, 


I would like to express to all of you my joy and privilege to be here at Holy Name Parish as the new pastor. I am so thankful to all of you, for you have already made me feel so welcomed. I especially express my appreciation to the parish staff and volunteers. There is a lot of hard work that goes on, both seen and unseen, in order to keep the parish running so well. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful members here as part of the community. 

I realize that because I have arrived at the beginning of summer, there are many of you whom I might not see as often during my first few weeks. I look forward to seeing you, of course, but I also hope that you are able to enjoy some vacation time. We live in a big, busy city, and life can get very stressful and chaotic. The summer months can be a good time to rest and re-charge the batteries, so to speak, in various ways.  

One piece of advice about holidays that was given to me some years back, is to take a Bible along when on vacation. Yes, travelling itself can be very busy and stressful…sometimes, we need a vacation from the vacation! But, having the Bible close by can enable you, every now and then, to take a few minutes with a Scripture verse or two. This is a good way to take God with us while on vacation, and those simple reminders of God’s constant, loving presence wherever we are is always a comfort. 

And for those of us who prefer spending vacation time resting at home, perhaps this can be the opportunity to renew the relationship with God. We can discover God’s presence in the Scriptures, in the beauty of nature, in those ordinary circumstances of daily life, and in the silent depths of our own hearts. 

Please be assured of my prayers for all of you – God’s blessings for a healthy and peaceful summer! 


Fr. Eric Rodrigues