Holy Name Parish Altar

Parish Services & Supports


Mass Intentions

To book a Mass Intention, please contact the parish office.  We have 2 types of mass intentions:  Announced ($20) and unannounced ($10) masses.  Announced mass intentions are mentioned at the beginning of the daily mass and in the general intercessions on the weekend masses Saturday and Sunday. While unannounced masses do not have a specified date.  Announced masses are also included on  the weekly bulletin.  NOTE: We do not offer Perpetual Masses.


Memorial Masses

In order to book a memorial Mass please call the parish office and speak to our pastor Fr. Jinto.  The  donation for a Memorial Mass is $150.00 .  If you would like music you would need speak to our choir director (Sarah) to book that with her.  You can speak with her before or after the 10 am Mass on Sundays.

Mass Cards

Mass cards are available in the parish office.  Cards are available which are appropriate for the intentions of the living as well as for those who have died.


Votive Candles
 Light a votive candle for your intention or for family members and friends - living or those who have died.  A sanctuary votive candle will be lit for seven days for your intention.  A donation of $10.00 for each votive candle is appreciated.  Please contact or visit our parish office during office hours.

Small votive candles are available in the church for you to light.  A small donation of $1.00 for each candle is appreciated.


Sunday Missals
Sunday Missals are available at the entrance of the church.  A donation of $5.00 for each missal.


Sunday Offertory Envelopes
 Please fill out a yellow registration card and deposit yellow registration card in offertory basket when it comes around at Mass you and your family will be registered in our parish database.  Offertory envelopes will be provided to you the following weekend. You can also give by pre-authorized giving (PAG).  For more information please pick up a form from information stand at entrance of the church.  Thank you.


Requests for Baptismal Certificates

If you have a request for a baptismal certificate for sacramental purposes.  Please contact the parish office by phone or email  416-466-8281  holyname@rogers.com.

Information needed to provide baptismal certificate:

Full name and date of birth.

To obtain a baptismal certificate

In person: During parish office hours M-F  9 am - 12 noon

1 pm - 5 pm.  Please provide a piece of id - ex. drivers license, health card or passport, a donation of $10.00 for the certificate will greatly appreciated.

If you would like it mailed to you:  Please provide the name and address of your parish so we can mail it to your parish.  You would need to show your id to your parish office to pick it from them.  Thank you.