Brass Baptismal Font


Our parish community extends our congratulations on the occasion of the birth of your child and your desire to have him/her welcomed into the church. Your child will be baptized into the mystery of Christ’s loving embrace, given new life and the promise of life eternal. This moment is not only a moment of grace for you and your family but also for our entire parish. Baptism is also a time for parents to acknowledge their primary role in passing on the faith to their child.

           The Baptismal preparation process at our parish includes the following:

  • Reading the Baptismal Preparation Package
  • After prayer and discussion, if you feel ready to begin the preparation please return the following: 1) Baptismal Request Form, 2) Baptismal Questionnaires 3) Copy of the Child’s birth certificate to the parish office. You are asked to provide the godparents with the material written for them and to keep the remainder of the package.
  • Shortly after returning the forms, you will be contacted regarding your desire to have your child baptized.
  • Normally baptisms are schedule the Third Sunday of the Month at 2 pm.  No baptisms are scheduled at Lent.
  • Baptismal Preparation is normally the Second Saturday of the Month 10 am - 11 am.  We encourage you to invite Godparents if all possible.
  • Sacraments are free but we do ask for a donation to help cover the costs of operating the church building.

Baptism is the first sacraments of initiation; Eucharist and Confirmation are the other two.  Baptism leads to the newly baptized person to the table of the Lord.  Weekly participation in the Sunday Eucharist is a valuable sign that a person is disposed to celebrating the sacrament of Baptism and being open to the wonder and grace of God.

If you have been away from the weekly Sunday Eucharist, this a wonderful time to return to the table of the Lord.  We pray that God will bless you and your family as you continue to grow in faith.

Please pick up baptismal package at parish office 71 Gough Ave.  (house beside the church).  Please call or email to arrange pick up of baptismal package.