Child with Bible

Children's Liturgy Program

Posted : Dec-02-2021





The children participating in the Children’s Liturgy Program next Sunday, (March 12) will be baking pretzels to share at the hospitality time after Mass. The baking of pretzels is a Lenten tradition in the Church, dating back to the Middle Ages, when monks in Germany, Austria and Poland would bake pretzels as a form of Lenten treat for the people. The shape of the pretzels is the shape of human arms crossed in prayer. Pretzels remind us that Lent is a time for prayer.

A small handout with a pretzel recipe and prayer will be available after Mass next Sunday to anyone who is interested.



Our Children’s Liturgy of the Word Program will restart, for the 2022-23 year, next Sunday, September 25, at the 10 am Mass. In conjunction with the First Nations theme of the day, our first session will be a presentation of Anishinaabe and Biblical stories of the Great Flood.

Due to the persistence of the pandemic, we will still have just the one group each week, for children aged 5 to 11, focused each week on the Sunday gospel. The children will be called, at the beginning of Mass, to go to the back of the church, and then downstairs.

We will be set up in the Church Hall, with a large circle of chairs for our gospel, and with tables set up for the children’s activities—while maintaining safe distancing. Masking will now be optional.

NEW VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED: We have lost some of our long-time teachers and helpers during the pandemic. We welcome any of the high-school aged youth of the parish to consider volunteering as a student helper with our group. We also welcome parents or other adults to volunteer to become teachers or helpers. In order to restart the younger group, when conditions are safe enough, we will certainly need new volunteers.