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Children's Liturgy Program

Posted : Dec-02-2021



Ending for the Summer

Our Final Sunday is June 23

The Children’s Liturgy Program session today will be our last session before our summer break.

This has been the first season of the Children’s Program since the pandemic where we were able to offer the program in 2 age groups (ages 3-6 and 7-11) for the full year. This allowed us to provide a better program for the younger children of the parish.

On behalf of the Parish, we sincerely thank all the volunteers who have served as teachers and helpers in our program since September :

Deirdre Fernandes, Erin Callery, Michele Mellow, Kimberly Martin, Amelié Brown, Ludovica Lacetera, Vanessa Nicholas Schmidt, Sheila Spencer, Anna & Earl Totten, Mary-Ellen Cascone, Valerie Kenny, Kristiana Bordokas, Tom Broadhurst.

We especially want to thank all the student volunteers who were recruited by Sheila Spencer, and who served the program very faithfully this year:

Elisa Fesseha, Janyse Anacta,

Abigail & Hannah Hart, Michael Perry

Sebastien, Gisele, and Samuel Patterson,

Kyle Ann & Prasad Shanmugasundanam


The Children’s Liturgy Program will resume near the end of September, 2024.