Child with Bible

Children's Liturgy Program

Posted : Dec-02-2021




 The Children’s Liturgy of the Word Program at the 10 am Mass starts today, for the 2023-24 school year.


A reminder to parents about the format and purpose of the program:

The Children’s program provides the children aged 3-11 with an experience of God’s Word in the form of Bible stories for the younger group, and the Sunday gospel for the older group.

At the start of the Mass, children are called to the front by Fr. Vijai, and are sent downstairs to their program.

The younger group is for children aged 3-6. Their program consists of a Bible story and a craft. The program for the younger group continues until near the end of Communion. Then the younger children come back upstairs.

The older group is for children aged 7 to 11 (Grade 2 or higher). The older children hear the Sunday Gospel and have activities and discussion to reflect on its meaning. They return upstairs just before the Eucharistic Prayer.


NEW VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED: We welcome any of the middle school and high-school aged youth of the parish to consider volunteering as a student helpers with the younger group (this can be used to count towards your high school community service requirement).

We also welcome parents or other adults to volunteer to become teachers or helpers. In addition, we welcome any parents of the children in the younger group who want to stay downstairs and act as helpers from time to time.